Tom Gerrard – Town & Country

Tom Gerrard

Come see all the incredible work done by Tom during his residency in Queenstown. Refreshments provided by the awesome peeps at Bodriggy Brewing Co.

Transitioning from a bustling city to an isolated region of the world can really stir up feelings and emotions. There is a stark contrast between being surrounded by crowds of people and then being immersed in crowds of trees. The crowds of people are buzzing with energy and emotion and can make one feel uneasy. Whereas being surrounded by trees, plants and nature can have the opposite effect. The uneasy feeling is replaced with calm and connection.

This is what I experienced when arriving in Queenstown, Tasmania for the Q Bank art residency. Wrapping up a busy 2018 in Melbourne where the population is growing at a rapid rate, I was feeling suffocated. That feeling lifted almost immediately as I arrived in Tasmania. I took in the space, colours, landscape, houses and environment in Queenstown and it inspired me to create this body of work. The colours, subject matter composition and styling are all a result of my time in nature and daily walks around Queenstown.

There are two sides to this exhibition. One being the dense population of inner city Melbourne. The other being the spaciousness and wilderness of the west coast of Tasmania.