Nelson Dialect X Must Volkoff – MAGNETISM (Official Video)

Taken from the MAGNETISM LP. OUT NOW!


Lyrics by Nelson Dialect.
Produced by Must Volkoff.
Video by Must Volkoff.

One Sixth – Labyrinth

Check out this very powerful spoken word piece by the homie One Sixth

This piece was inspired by and in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It’s purpose is to help raise awareness of the ongoing race issues happening not only in America but worldwide.

Filmed, Edited & Colouring – Dayne Edward
Spoken Word Written & Performed – One Sixth
Musical Arrangement – Dayne Edward


New project from 2nd Thought, set to be released later this year.
Producer: 2nd Thought
Mastering: Danielsan
Video production: Shuttermain

D’Fro – The Album

The homie D’fro from The Psyde Projects and Showtime Quintet has dropped his solo album. Hit the jump below to stream and then buy it because it’s dope.


Mixed by Skomes
Mastered by DanielSan
Art by Ohnoes


Man Made Mountain – Cachaça ft. Tom Scott

Well the lads have done it again. No need for a massive write up, just sit back, turn your speakers up loud and vibe away.

Hip Hop’s Billboard Top 10 1989 – 2015

Have a look at what Hip Hop’s Billboard Top 10 hit’s from 1989 – 2015 sounded like. It show’s you how long your favourite tracks lasted at number 1 and who was making moves in the charts.

Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 2.23.09 PM

Hit the link below to check it out.

Man Made Mountain – Master Plan

Man Made Mountain is comprised of producer Billy Hoyle and vocalist Cazeaux O.S.L.O.


These two talented artists have just been signed to House of Beige Records and this is their first single from their upcoming EP Congo Square.

Find out more about this amazing Melbourne duo below.

Download this tune for free here
Man Made Mountain Facebook

Token – No Sucka Mcs Contest

New kid on the block Token has the rap game talking. This 16 year old, that’s right 16! from Salem, Massachusetts has hit the scene and is entertaining everyone along the way. He’s dropped a crisp 60 frames a second video well worth a view.

Guess Wu

Illustrated by Dan Evans, the custom version of the game is played the same as the original, with players asking questions like, “is your rapper wearing a baseball cap?,” or, “did your rapper appear on GZA’s 1999 album Beneath the Surface?” Depending on how your opponent answers your inquiries, you can slowly eliminate members until you figure out the rapper they’ve chosen.


The only real difference between the original and upgraded version is that in Guess Wu whoever can rap all of C.R.E.A.M. gets to go first—so it’s an important skill that’s strategic both in this game and in real life.