Michiyo Yasuda, Studio Ghibli Colorist, Dies at Age 77

The longtime animator and color designer, who last worked on Miyazaki’s final film The Wind Rises, passed away on Oct. 5 at the age of 77 due to an illness. Michiyo basically worked with the same two animators for most of her career. She met Miyazaki, along with animator Isao Takahata, on the 1968 production of Little Norse Prince and had worked with both ever since.


Yasuda started working with Studio Ghibli from the beginning, when it was founded in 1985. She led the studio’s color department and animated on films dating back to Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.


“What I like best is when I am building up the colors in my head, thinking of how to get the tone worked out,” she said in 2009. “Color has a meaning, and it makes the film more easily understood. Colors and pictures can enhance what the situation is on screen.”

Rest in paradise Michiyo

Rest in Paradise Prince

It’s a very sad day and doves are crying everywhere around the world for Prince.


R.I.P David Bowie


Rest in Paradise Ziggy Stardust


Over the weekend, London-based graffiti artist King Robbo passed away at the age of 45. In 2011, Robbo was put into an induced coma after an unexplained brain injury. He spent the next three years on life-support before his death.

Robbo 484 started writing in the late 70’s early 80’s, and started painting trains in 1984 going on to paint steel all over Europe as well as the New York Subway. His main cru’s WRH, PFB and WD carry wait across the world.


In 2009, before the accident that led to his injury, Robbo began a two-year feud with British street artist Banksy. The battle went back and forth for two years making headlines, prompting interviews, and was the subject of a documentary aired on national television.

Banksy vs ROBBO

Chester P of Task Force has made the track “The ballad of a legend” to raise money for King ROBBO’s family.

Purchase here to contribute.
Produced by Musty Volkoff. Pang Productions

He inspired an entire generation of London’s most prolific graffiti writers and will be sorely missed by all.
Rest In Peace King Robbo

R.I.P James Gandolfini


James Gandolfini died last night at the age of 51 from a suspected heart attack while in Rome. Obviously he’ll be best remembered as Tony in the long-running HBO series The Sopranos – a series and performance that’ll go down in history as one of the most ferocious and magnetic TV characters of all time.

Gandolfini was a hugely underrated actor – roles in films like True Romance, Killing Them Softly, In The Loop and even The Incredible Burt Wonderstone showed how BOSS he really was.

It’s a very sad day.

R.I.P. Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson 15th September 1922 – 1st January 2012

2012 got off to a sad start for the film industry, with the passing of a true legend. Having started working with the likes of Errol Flynn, Anderson’s work has been seen by millions of moviegoers.

His list of credits includes First Knight, several Bond movies, Highlander, the more recent Zorro films and the first Pirates Of The Caribbean outing. He also made the swordplay on The Princess Bride into something special.

But he’s probably best known for his work on two massive trilogies – Star Wars, for which he performed as Darth Vader during lightsaber fights and tutored cast members on their technique, and the Lord Of The Rings, where he was responsible for crafting fighting moves for a variety of races, including the Hobbits. When Empire talked to the four Hobbit actors for our recent big reunion piece, they all had happy memories of working with the man.

Rest In Peace Bob